“True love” – a love poem

“True love” – a love poem

This is a poem about love. About losing love and finding it again. About how the heart can learn to love again and about what it means to love truly…

I lost my husband 12 years ago to drug addiction. After my husband’s passing, I spent so much time trying to replace what I had lost. My heart was completely broken with my last relationship. It was then that I knew something needed to change. So, I made a relentless effort to find real happiness. The kind of happiness that would never make me wish for an unrealistic, fantasy idea of love. What I found was love for myself.

So, I dedicate this poem to all of those that have ever had a broken heart, who have given up on love, or who desire something outside of themselves. You are a treasure! Enjoy each tiny particle of what makes you, EACH and every day!

I love you! 

True love

Love is intangible
It’s very light
Yet so profound!

The subtleness is breathtaking
True love will not leave you with an aching heart.
There would be no need for forgiveness, or ideas of regret.
It’s left up to the person that requires it

And, the only true love is with you,
You knowing your every want and desire,
Yet you cover it up with thoughts of love
Thoughts of grandeur and fiction.

You can only understand you.
You’re the only one that can respect you, comfort you,
encourage you, and be honest with you.
The only true love is you!

When you find the true love of you,
You can share it with others
Only if they have a love that honors your love.

So be all of you to you
And your life will be loving.
A loving that will capture a new state of being
No longer longing for lies,
A peace that mends all broken hearts, and promises no new ones.




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    Candy 2 years ago

    Such true words my friend!

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    Jerry Bradford 2 years ago

    Beautiful poem Michele. You are a Phoenix that has risen out of the ashes of sorts. I wish you continued success with love and life.

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    If you do not love you, it is criminal to expect someone else to love you!! #drsims #loverehab

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