Love is divine power

Love is divine power

The power of love… People have spoken about it for… what?… thousands of years?… Poets, novelists, spiritual teachers and enlightened masters, normal people like you and me…They all talk about love sooner or later. If you google “the power of love”, the results will show you at least 5 songs called “The power of love”, plus a couple of movies, one of them from 1922. So, let’s get this straight: people are obsessed with love and its power.

But while most people prefer to think about love in its romantic manifestation, love is much more than that.




Love is what we need to learn to give to ourselves.

Love is friendship and love is commitment.

Love is feeling one with humanity and with the rest of the world.

And then, one day as I was reading from a book by Caroline Myss (spiritual teacher and medical intuitive), I stumbled across this amazing idea: “Love is divine power.”

The yogic view on love

In yoga philosophy, the heart chakra is where the transition from the energies of the mundane to the energies of the higher consciousness is made. Yogis believe that only by opening and unblocking your heart you can start to experience the Divine.

The heart center is an energy whirlpool (also called a chakra in Sanskrit) located in the heart region of the spine. It is in this center that love is born and nourished. The heart center is vital to the wellbeing of the  entire energetic system of the body (known as prana). Energy healers are often advised to focus on the heart in their practice as this is where the energy transforms and heals.

Read “Anahata chakra: teachings of the heart”

The Sufi view on love

In Sufism, love is considered to be the energy that represents God, and only through love can one discover himself and the world. Sufis call God, “Beloved”, and believe that love is the ultimate power that can bring you closer to the Divine. Only through love you can know God, they say, because love is God’s tool.

Through love, the wonders of the Universe are revealed to you, and you get to know yourself and all your fellow human beings. Through love,  your consciousness becomes elevated.

Read “Principles of love and Sufism: my 7 favorite rules from ‘The Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak”

The modern view on love

I am happy to see love becoming more mainstream than it used to be. I am happy to see people with influence, people other people listen to, talking about love and its importance. The more we recognize the power of the heart and the power of love, the better.

Also, more and more people become interested in spirituality and in evolving their consciousness, and they discover that such an evolution can only happen once they open their hearts.

“The only path toward spiritual consciousness is through the heart. That truth in not negotiable, no matter what spiritual tradition one chooses as a means to know the Divine. Love is Divine Power.”

-Caroline Myss