Inner balance: the Yin and Yang duality

Inner balance: the Yin and Yang duality

The symbol for the Yin and Yang duality is well known in the world: a round shape with two swirling halves that seem to want to blend into each other, one black and one white. The black half is not completely black, but has a white dot in the middle, while the white half is not completely white, but has a black dot in the middle.

The symbol for the yin/yang duality. There is no winter without summer, no cold without warm, no strength without softness.Most people know what the symbol is talking about. The black represents Yin, the feminine energy, and the white represents Yang, the masculine energy. The symbol talks about the duality that lives in each one of us and in everything in the universe. There is no black without white, no darkness without light, no fullness without emptiness, no masculine without feminine.

Going against this duality is like going against the natural laws of the Universe. But still, we go against these laws all the time. We accept the light, but find it hard to accept the darkness. We want to be happy, but we reject sadness. We like abundance and fullness, but we fail to recognize the value of emptiness. And, when it comes to the masculine and feminine energies, we seem to find more value in the masculine and tend to disregard the feminine.

What does it mean for a person to embrace both these energies?

It means understanding that no effort can exist without rest.

A lot of value is given to struggling and hustling nowadays. However, letting go is a big part of the manifestation process. Of course, we have to take action, but we also have to know when to rest, let go and let the Universe take care of things. It is only so much that we can control.

It means that being strong means being also flexible.

In yoga we say “I bend so I don’t break”. It is a metaphorical way of saying that flexibility is absolutely necessary in life, and not only phisical flexibility, but the mental flexibility too. A flexible mind is one that adjusts to the environment and to the circumstances. It understands that sometimes plans need to be changed and that the way it envisioned things in the beginning might not be the way things will actually happen. It doesn’t mean that you quit your dreams , it just means that you are ready to alter your path to them,  when necessary.

It means that the best decisions need both the mind and the heart.

Both thoughts and feelings are important. Many people put a high price on logic, for instance, but consider intuition to be worthless (mostly because they don’t know how to listen to their intuition). However, our intuition always knows the correct thing to do and it is never blinded by subjectivity.

It means understanding that there is no life without death.

As people, we live in fear of death. But if we look around, we see that everything in nature goes through the same cycle of renewal and destruction. There is no winter without summer, no day without night.


But, just as the Yin and Yang symbol puts it very clearly, one cannot live without the other. There’s no Yin without Yang and there’s no Yang without Yin. You need both the feminine and the masculine. This is the natural balance of things. Going against this natural balance results in mental and physical illness, a life of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Embrace your duality and watch the masculine and the feminine engage in their beautiful dance of conquer and surrender. It is this dynamic that makes life an adventure.



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