A time for Hallmark Christmas magic

A time for Hallmark Christmas magic

It’s that time of the year: the time for Christmas magic and soapy Hallmark Christmas  movies. What would Christmas be without all those Hallmark stories of love and new beginnings?  These stories take place in fairy tale towns filled with Christmas traditions and decorations. There, people live in perfect harmony, they love and help each other though thick and thin. Hallmark towns look  perfect at Christmas, colorful, joyous and bright. And most importantly, Hallmark towns are places where everyone believes in the Christmas magic. 

Needless to say, the cynic in me has a few questions about how true to real life these movies are. What do Hallmark towns look like in other seasons, I want to know? What would all those incredibly nice people do in those towns when Christmas is over? And how can those female characters be so perky and happy all the time?  Also, why is Christmas magical only in the movies?

But no matter how unrealistically these movies might be scripted, they exist for a reason: to give hope. And we all need more of that. Who cares that in real life my hair is not always perfectly coiffed in perfect waves that fall down my back?  And who cares that my cheeks are not always rosy and that my complexion doesn’t always look fresh ? I can also find the perfect match just like those girls in the Hallmark stories, can’t I? I can also find someone who is kind and caring, who will appreciate me and will think that I am the most amazing woman in the world. Right?

And who cares that in real life people are not as communicative and open as those in the movies? I mean, talking about emotions and being vulnerable are not usual practice where I live my life. But I watch a Hallmark movie and then I start feeling a bit more hopeful that maybe one day I might also happen to meet someone with enough courage to let me into his life and into his heart, someone honest and trustworthy. 

Not to say that making a career change can be a tough decision in our world. What will I do next? How will I pay my bills and buy food if I decide to leave that job that makes me unhappy? What if I do not find another job soon? What if things do not work out? In the real world, we are afraid. But all this will never stop anyone in a Hallmark movie to make the next career move, because in the Hallmark world, everything works out. The next best opportunity suddenly becomes available, and the Universe makes it all happen in the best possible way so that everyone is happy and everyone finds love. Wouldn’t it be amazing if life were as magical as a Hallmark movie?

But here’s a thought: could it be that in order to call all this serendipity in our lives,  all we need is to be more open and more courageous ? People take risks in Hallmark stories, they give up jobs, they move to other cities, they follow their hearts. So maybe what the Universe needs in order to become our accomplice and send us the love, the career, and the life we desire is  that we show more trust. What if Christmas can indeed be magical, but only if we chose to make it so? Because maybe all we need is to believe that it is all possible and it is not just a Hallmark fairy tale. Maybe (just maybe) all we need is a bit more faith.