Lydia Jansen

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Lydia, 28, is originally from the Netherlands, but is now traveling full-time with her partner, Jan, and their Belgian shepherd, Oskar. As an artist, she knows how to really dive in and experience life. She also knows how to help others perceive the wisdom of their own subconscious minds and really make it part your their reality. 
She learned that connecting with nature is the same as connecting with life, and that it is the path to connecting with ourselves too. She now helps other people find this connection through nature and through creation.

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Dr. Tristan Sophia is a board certified coachDr. Tristan Sophia

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She was a clinical and forensic psychologist for 20 years before becoming a Board Certified life coach for women. Her transformational journey of surviving bullying, alcoholism, and cancer created her passion to inspire women to stop wasting time in self-doubt and get into courageous action to achieve their soul’s desires. Her favorite activities are writing, speaking, yoga, and watching Christmas movies. She lives in the mountains of Montana, with her husband and three rescue pups.


Motivational speaker, Comedian, LeaderMichele Collins 

“Why be like everyone else when you aren’t? If you have ever thought that something is missing in your life, you think your goals are unattainable, or you’re looking for inspiration plus a whole lot of laughter, then I’m your girl!”

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Michele Collins is an Entrepreneur, Comedian, and Inspirational Corporate Speaker. She is changing the way motivation is motivating people. Michele’s indifferent style of attacking life and laughing at her dysfunctionality will bring you back to a reality of humanity.


Michele did not have a traditional life moving out at the age of 17 years old. She had many limitations to overcome with being a teenage mom, a high school drop-out, challenges with a learning disorder and abusive drug use, which made it almost impossible for her to reach success of any kind. Michele shares openly about her trials and learned lessons, to help others face themselves and have the ability to enhance their own personal growth. 


Michele is a former Sales Executive with 19 years of sales experience in industries such as Finance, Hospitality, Telecom and Construction. She was a high-performing salesperson that exceeded sales quotas and established strong relationships with Fortune 500 clients like Baylor Hospital, Verizon, and Rockwater Industries.

Her formal sales training is from Sandler Institute and Karass Education. Michele was also coached by Professional Sales Coach and current President of JetSuite, Stephanie Chung, who is the only African-American President in Aviation. 

Speaking Experience

Michele Collins is an Award-Winning Speaker with over 10 years of experience. She has completed her Silver Advanced Communicator Award in Toastmasters and she is a previous winner of local and district contests for both Humorous and International prepared speeches. 

Michele is a professionally-paid speaker who speaks about her personal life experiences in the following topics: Overcoming Adversity, Addiction Recovery, Teenage Pregnancy, Learning with a Learning Disorder, Surviving Abuse, Loss/Grief, Being a Widow, Mental Health, How To Be A Success In Business, Women Working In The Business Environment and Leading with You – Leadership Development.

Comedy Experience

Michele is a Comedian and performs comedy for Specialty Events, Non-Profit Galas, and Private Comedy Shows. In 2018, Michele was in a show with Andy Huggins, America’s Got Talent Contestant, and was also a Finalist in the “Comedy With Class” competition held by Jeanne Robertson.

Michele Collins sought out her comedy training through former Ellen Degeneres Comedy Contest Winner, Dean Lewis, and Professional Comedian, Jamie Campbell, who worked at Second City, and has appeared at many national comedy clubs for over 10 years now. She also has attended Improv Classes at Beta Theatre. 


Michele has served as a leader for the Associated Builders and Contractors Association, Toastmaster’s International, Pipeliner’s Association and various others. Michele is a natural leader that has led committtees and participated in the decision-making process for golf tournaments, clay shoots, recovery conferences, and trade-shows. Her new podcast, “Unmotivated To Embrace You?” is an introduction for her workshop on Leadership. 

Michele combines her corporate and real-life experiences into inspiring messages for corporate audiences and specialty events with humor. Her desire is to bring a new perspective to motivational speaking with relatable human experiences that are funny, inspiring and entertaining.